Ohana :: Family Feast

What’s my favorite part about the holidays?  Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s about being with loved ones.  Decorations from the great out doors (I love the smell of fir trees) and hot cups of peppermint tea are also pretty awesome, so of course, this video jumped out at me straight away:


I love the simplicity of this video.  It’s short, sweet, gets the message across and it gives me a calming feeling even with all of the hubbub of the festivities happening practically every day right now.  As much fun as all of the parties and last minute shopping is (or isn’t) my favorite time of the day is sitting down with a good book next to the fire and letting the calm wash over me.

I wish you all a relaxed and enjoyable rest of the the year.  I myself am checking out for the next few weeks and will return in January – yes, I’m actually taking some time off.  Until then, Happy Holidays!

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