Ohana :: On Ice

It always amazes me where we find our families, biological or otherwise, even if it’s only for a few hours a week, a week here and there, or everyday.  One such place for me has been with my teammates.

Teammates is a very broad term as I’ve found “family” with teams of people that I have worked with (even if the project is a short one), on a sports team or with people at school. I don’t always keep in touch with all of them, usually those that are most important to me, but the memories of those times with them have a special place in my heart.

Tony Franklin

I love this film because of the ebb and flow of the family unit.  They accept new members and lose others but for one day a week, they are a family even if they don’t know each other’s names.  That’s the cool thing about family – there are some things that just don’t matter.

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