Cheers! to a New Year



I hope everyone has survived the holidays and for some of us, we still have a ways to go before we end our holiday season.  It’s almost all over though and once again it’s time to put the nose the grindstone.

I can’t believe that my little hiatus from work is already over, but I’m actually feeling rejuvenated from the time away from my desk and ready for action.  Well, at least as ready as I’ll ever feel.  Getting started again is always the hardest part but lots will be starting up in the next few days, so I better prepare myself before the starting gun fires and it’s time to start up the race. Again.  I already have several meetings on my calendar for next week and that is only the beginning.

The specifics are not quite ready for announcing yet, but in the next few weeks I hope to share a little more about what is coming down the pike.  For now, I leave you with this month’s theme – Rejuvenation.  You probably figured that out already with the new year and all, but just in case you hadn’t.

Here’s to the year ahead!  Cheers!

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