Taking it to the mat

In recent weeks I feel like I’ve been swept up by a tornado and been whirling around in a haze of projects from mundane daily paperwork to creative projects that only months ago were something I was merely hoping would come to fruition.  Well my wishes certainly came true and even though I’m constantly “on,” I couldn’t be happier with how things are going at the moment.

BUT, with the ever growing to-do list and never seeming to be able to cross anything off, I find myself overwhelmed at times.  I’ve found that I have a somewhat constant need to center myself and refocus and that doesn’t come easily while sitting at my desk.  Enter my yoga mat.  I don’t know if I’ve rolled it up at all lately, other than to tote it along to an actual yoga class.  Most of the time I take a quick break while video files are rendering and head to the mat to stretch out and hope to return to some sort of mental sanity.  Sometimes having a well loved older and slower computer is a god send… well sometimes.

I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to share some of what has been keeping me so incredibly busy, but until then I’ll be taking quick breaks to breath…


And dreaming of my next vacation that hopefully looks something like scenes from this video.

Ohana :: Family Feast

What’s my favorite part about the holidays?  Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s about being with loved ones.  Decorations from the great out doors (I love the smell of fir trees) and hot cups of peppermint tea are also pretty awesome, so of course, this video jumped out at me straight away:


I love the simplicity of this video.  It’s short, sweet, gets the message across and it gives me a calming feeling even with all of the hubbub of the festivities happening practically every day right now.  As much fun as all of the parties and last minute shopping is (or isn’t) my favorite time of the day is sitting down with a good book next to the fire and letting the calm wash over me.

I wish you all a relaxed and enjoyable rest of the the year.  I myself am checking out for the next few weeks and will return in January – yes, I’m actually taking some time off.  Until then, Happy Holidays!

Goodwill :: No Scraps Left Behind

As the many food centered holidays creep nearer, I find myself thinking about food – again.   It seems to be on my mind a lot this year but then again we all obsess about food in some way.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this video a work of art – what I mean is that I don’t find anything extraordinary about the film itself.  However, I love the concept that this company has come up with and it makes me wonder why more people haven’t started doing something as fantastic with our waste food as Rubies in the Rubble:

Rubies in the Rubble

Funny enough, I have never seen these products at markets or in gourmet grocery stores in England – I probably haven’t been looking hard enough and it’s been ages since I was last at Borough Market.  I will definitely look for them next time in the country later this year.  We throw away an incredible amount of food each year and it’s so nice to see that someone is doing something useful with this excess of food.

For the Foodie :: Feed Supper

I realize that I’m a little late to talk about this campaign as it has already started, but I thought it was a good thing to at least mention it.

It seems that there a whole slew of cause awareness events going on at the moment.  We seem to be easing off of the ice bucket challenge and are moving on to other challenges – probably a good thing now that the weather is finally cooling off.  For instance, there’s the SNAP Challenge where you eat off a tiny budget of $3.40 a day to understand how millions of others live everyday.  There are the usual walks and runs and other physical exertions that we seen to do annually and then there’s the FEED Supper campaign:

Jenner Brown

I love the idea of this campaign because it brings people together to enjoy each other’s company and nourish their bodies.  I feel like I’m always on the run right now and rarely have the time to sit down with people that I love to do the most basic thing of feeding myself.  When I was still living at home, we ate as a family every night (as long as we were all in town) and it was a time for us to all catch up on the days events.  Food, at the moment, is something consumed on the move and I long for the ‘old days’ of sitting down with my family to eat together each night.

This campaign encourages bringing back that old family tradition while helping a good cause.  Food desert is a relatively new term, but it’s an old problem and it’s good that we are finally addressing it for what it is an trying to bring and end to this all too common issue.

Feet Up! :: Summer Movies

I’ve never been completely sure why there are so many big films that come out during the summer- aren’t we supposed to be outside while the weather is nice?  Ok, so I live in a temperate climate and we take all we can get when it comes in the form of sunshine.  I guess its the idea that school is out and that we supposedly have “more time” so we fit in more movies- is that it?

Anyway, whether it’s us escaping the heat for a few hours or having more time, there is the usual Michael Bay film out this summer.  I believe it’s another Transformers movie and  I probably won’t see it until the it comes out on DVD unless I end up going with a group of friends who are still enamored by Michael Bay movies.  It’s not that I don’t like his films, I actually do enjoy them from time to time, but it’s that each film gets more explosive and dizzying and the stories don’t seem to matter much anymore.  It’s all about the special effects and dare I say, they are all starting to look the same?

I’ve been having these thoughts for a while, and then I saw this:

Tony Zhou


I guess if I had examined several Michael Bay films, I would have see why I’ve been having these thoughts and this little critique explains it all.  It gives me a whole new appreciation for Bay’s work and although I may not be seeing his newest film this summer, I do enjoy his work.  I probably won’t be able to watch one of his films in the same way in the future but at least I know where to go when I want an action packed adventure.

Happy movie going this summer and if you do see the new Transformers, think of this little film as a little film school tutorial.  You never know what you might notice!

Ohana :: The Bear and the Hare

The John Lewis Christmas Ad is one of the most anticipated of ads in the UK every holiday season.  It’s kind of like the much awaited window displays in the larger department stores down Regent Street.  The best part is that you can now watch these ads anywhere in the world.

John Lewis

Admittedly, John Lewis is encouraging the public to buy the greatest gifts of the season but their message is always a good one- do something special for those you love this Christmas.  We could probably take a lesson from that other times of the year too.  I think my favorite part of this video is that it doesn’t seem to matter what species the characters are- they all come together to celebrate.  And of course don’t forget that they do what they can to include those who wouldn’t usually be able to be there.

I couldn’t help but post this as well- the making of The Bear and the Hare.  I am always in awe of animation production, but this takes it a whole new level.


So there you are, two videos in one post and hopefully they made you smile even during this stressful time of year.

Classroom :: English

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/72216778 w=640&h=360]

gnarly Bay

For the most part I always enjoyed English class.  There’s always that one book that you can’t stand and then there are the books that stick with you for life.  For me it was One Hundred Years of Solitude, Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing and Havanaand The Great Gatsby that remain with me. I’ve read hundreds of books since finishing school but these are the ones that stand out to me since being made to read and discuss books in the classroom.

One of the many reasons I love these books, all books for that matter, is because they transport me to another place and time.  This video is that perfect blend of transporting the viewer to a new place and poetry.

Handmade :: Typography

I have a thing for typography- you’ve probably picked that up from some of my other posts. So although we don’t usually associate type with being handmade, instead, we think of them being more of a computer generated art form, the history says otherwise.

Ben Barrett-Forrest

I have yet to try stop motion when making a film, but with the popularity of it now, I think I just might have to try it sometime.