Reincarnation :: Surfs Up!

As I have just spent the last several weeks at the beach I can’t help but post this as my first video on the reincarnation of materials.

Shwood eyewear


I haven’t been on a surfboard in several years, and when I am on one it’s only because I’m floating on a board waiting for a wave.  I usually fall off if I actually catch a wave.  It’s a work in progress for me.  Maybe someday I’ll actually get to ride a wave all the way in before ending up upside down in the water.  You never know- it could happen…

Maybe if I ever get good enough I could buy a board like this.  I’ve been on a wood board once, and its a completely different feeling from the manmade material boards that I’ve been on.  Maybe its just because its made of renewable resources, but I like the idea of using driftwood.  What else can you do with all the wood that washes up on beaches?

As it’s freezing out I’ll stick to dry land for now, but maybe when the weather warms up and I’m at a beach with surfable waves, maybe I’ll try again.  Until then I’m sticking to hot tea and thinking about water sports.

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