Starting Over


Some how we are already in 2014- can you believe it?

I know that I usually post my theme for the month on the 1st, but due to celebrations with friends, I had to postpone my first of the month post.  Another alteration is that I’m going to be posting less this year just because of the lack of time.  People warned me that a blog takes a lot of energy and I didn’t listen to them.  So although I won’t be posting nearly as frequently as I have in the past, I will try to post at least once a week throughout the year.

And now for the theme for January…

As we are starting yet another year and I kind of beat the “new beginnings” thing to death last year, I’m going with the idea of old objects turning into something new and wonderful.  Consider it an object reincarnation.

So consider that old object of yours that you’re dying to get rid of – what it could become in the future?

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