Reincarnation :: The Barbican

Persistent Peril

While I was in grad school, I spend a lot of time around the Barbican.  There is this great market that has food from all areas of the world and it was a great place to grab a quick bite or gather picnic food.  I spend many hours with friends on grassy knolls along the Thames with a view of the Barbican and this video makes me appreciate it all the more.

London has a very interesting array of architecture thanks to its many wars, especially the Blitz, and therefore a video like this is special.  It may not be the most beautiful that I’ve posted, but I think it encapsulates the history of a place extremely well- and in a short amount of time.  Impressive, considering it goes back to 200 A.D.  How well could you tell 1800 years of history in only 3.5 minutes?

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