Goodwill :: No Scraps Left Behind

As the many food centered holidays creep nearer, I find myself thinking about food – again.   It seems to be on my mind a lot this year but then again we all obsess about food in some way.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this video a work of art – what I mean is that I don’t find anything extraordinary about the film itself.  However, I love the concept that this company has come up with and it makes me wonder why more people haven’t started doing something as fantastic with our waste food as Rubies in the Rubble:

Rubies in the Rubble

Funny enough, I have never seen these products at markets or in gourmet grocery stores in England – I probably haven’t been looking hard enough and it’s been ages since I was last at Borough Market.  I will definitely look for them next time in the country later this year.  We throw away an incredible amount of food each year and it’s so nice to see that someone is doing something useful with this excess of food.

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