For the Foodie :: Feed Supper

I realize that I’m a little late to talk about this campaign as it has already started, but I thought it was a good thing to at least mention it.

It seems that there a whole slew of cause awareness events going on at the moment.  We seem to be easing off of the ice bucket challenge and are moving on to other challenges – probably a good thing now that the weather is finally cooling off.  For instance, there’s the SNAP Challenge where you eat off a tiny budget of $3.40 a day to understand how millions of others live everyday.  There are the usual walks and runs and other physical exertions that we seen to do annually and then there’s the FEED Supper campaign:

Jenner Brown

I love the idea of this campaign because it brings people together to enjoy each other’s company and nourish their bodies.  I feel like I’m always on the run right now and rarely have the time to sit down with people that I love to do the most basic thing of feeding myself.  When I was still living at home, we ate as a family every night (as long as we were all in town) and it was a time for us to all catch up on the days events.  Food, at the moment, is something consumed on the move and I long for the ‘old days’ of sitting down with my family to eat together each night.

This campaign encourages bringing back that old family tradition while helping a good cause.  Food desert is a relatively new term, but it’s an old problem and it’s good that we are finally addressing it for what it is an trying to bring and end to this all too common issue.

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