For the Foodie :: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

What is a day without caffeine?  I know very few people who can make it through 24 hours without with the addictive substance and what better way to get that shot of energy than from coffee?  I don’t mean any cup of coffee, I mean a tried and true, carefully analyzed cup of coffee to give you that jolt that so many of us feel we need at various times of the day:

Echoic : Music and Sound Design

Even though I don’t drink the stuff, I find this video fascinating.  It’s the one shot method that I find so interesting as its practically a lost art – it’s just too easy to shoot everything separately and edit it together in post-production.  What I want to know is how long that table had to have been to make this all possible.  By using this method the company made what could have been a fairly dry story into something dynamic and attention grabbing.

It gives me a few ideas for future projects… Now to find some caffeine of my own.  It’s Friday and boy am I looking forward to the weekend!

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