Winter Olympics 2014 :: The Mountainside

I couldn’t end my Winter Olympics theme without talking about skiing and snowboarding.  I know I’ve already talked about them in the past and I promise after today I will try to keep it to a minimum… at least until next winter.  I can’t guarantee anything though.

So here you are, my mountain sports tribute- and I’ve made sure to keep the videos short this time.  Nothing too long.


vaz web TV


I LOVE the use of the clouds and natural colors of the sun reflecting off of the different surfaces as well as the the few moving shots of the rider moving down the mountain.  Considering all of the snow sports videos that I’ve seen in the past, this one is one of my favorites and actually makes me want to get on a board again.  I’m not sure if my tailbone agrees with me though.



faction skis


So I’m not much a stunt person myself as I’m not a huge fan of the dropping feeling my my stomach as I free fall but I love the movement in this video.  I feel completely mesmerized when I watch this and I’m intrigued by the song choice.  In so many videos and even when on the slopes, the music blaring from the snow park speakers has a much heavier beat.  This song gives it a completely different feel compared to the usual stunt videos.  Combine the music with the slow motion effect at certain points in the film and it gives it a calming effect.  Get me to the mountain!

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