Something by me… & ChefSteps

Finally, I get to share something that I had a hand in this year.

One of my film adventures this year included working with a company called ChefSteps, a high-tech cooking company committed to changing the way people cook.  This was probably the most fun that I’ve ever had on a film shoot and probably the most delicious too.  BBQ with all the fixin’s yum! Oh, and I happen to love all the people that I got to work with.

So without further ado, I present Wall of Fire : A ChefSteps Story

Intrigued? Go here for the full blog post on the ChefSteps website and while you’re there, check out some of their other amazing recipes.  Believe me.  You’ll be glad you did!

Art Meditations :: Cover Art

I draw to relax but that doesn’t happen very often.  I usually get sucked into watching TV or something just as mind-numbing.  Silly considering I stare at a screen all day at work and usually I’m sick of it by the end of the day.  But its so much easier to turn on a movie instead.

Would I still like drawing if I did it for a living?  I doubt I would have the patience to make that happen and who would want my stuff when there are artists like this out there:

Danny Cooke

Nothing I could ever draw would look this dynamic or detailed, which is one of the reasons why I admire this video so much.  The artist, David A. Smith blows me away with his attention to detail and I love the time-lapse used to show his creative process.

The funny thing is that as soon as I saw this video I thought of John Mayer‘s album cover for “Born and Raised” and after actually looking at the filmmaker’s page a little more closely, realized that the same artist did the cover artwork for both albums.

This video is a lot longer than the one made for The Kings of Leon and I’m not a huge fan of the style used but I think the creative process is fascinating.  It makes me very glad that there are people out there who still use century old methods of creating their work.



Feeling daunted to draw something?  I bet you could come up with something pretty incredible yourself.

Wanderlust :: Vino


Now I’ve never been to Slovenia let alone to a vineyard in Slovenia but I have been to several vineyards.  There is something so serene about these specialized farms and they are the perfect getaway for just a few hours.  Its possible that after several wine tastings its just the fermented grape juice that I’ve been sampling that makes me feel that way but I beg to differ.

Since I can’t travel overseas at the moment, perhaps a visit to a vineyard is the perfect antidote… For now I will settle for a glass of wine.

Winter Olympics 2014 :: The Mountainside

I couldn’t end my Winter Olympics theme without talking about skiing and snowboarding.  I know I’ve already talked about them in the past and I promise after today I will try to keep it to a minimum… at least until next winter.  I can’t guarantee anything though.

So here you are, my mountain sports tribute- and I’ve made sure to keep the videos short this time.  Nothing too long.


vaz web TV


I LOVE the use of the clouds and natural colors of the sun reflecting off of the different surfaces as well as the the few moving shots of the rider moving down the mountain.  Considering all of the snow sports videos that I’ve seen in the past, this one is one of my favorites and actually makes me want to get on a board again.  I’m not sure if my tailbone agrees with me though.



faction skis


So I’m not much a stunt person myself as I’m not a huge fan of the dropping feeling my my stomach as I free fall but I love the movement in this video.  I feel completely mesmerized when I watch this and I’m intrigued by the song choice.  In so many videos and even when on the slopes, the music blaring from the snow park speakers has a much heavier beat.  This song gives it a completely different feel compared to the usual stunt videos.  Combine the music with the slow motion effect at certain points in the film and it gives it a calming effect.  Get me to the mountain!

7 more days…

Can you guess where this is?


Ok, so I admit that I know nothing about the 2014 Winter Olympics location.  Other than knowing that it’s in Russia, it’s a complete mystery to me.  However, after seeing this video I was very pleasantly surprised at how lush and green it looks.  I know that it looks very different at the moment and in only a week, millions will be descending on the place to watch, compete in and celebrate the winter games.  I am SO excited!

The Vancouver winter games were pretty spectacular, or so I hear.  I was in Peru on a trek through the Andes during the last winter Olympics and although I was having my own experience of a lifetime, I was still very upset that I couldn’t be with my friends in Vancouver for the games.  I guess I made up for it by being in London for the summer Olympics in 2012.

Anyway, this year I plan to make up for all that I missed in 2010.  I just really hope that we get to see most of the events – so far I’m a little skeptical of how much will make it out as there seem to be some pretty tough restrictions on how many members of the media can make it in etc, but I have high hopes for whatever makes it across the ocean.  I don’t agree with the Russian anti-gay law but I hope that we can celebrate the lifes’ work of all the athletes during this time.  Lets not take this away from them as they deserve this time in the spot light and I wish them all the best.

So tighten those bindings and strap on those goggles, because this is going to a great month of winter sports!

Originality :: Flying Clouds

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Sean Michael Williams

Another ode to Andsel Adams- at least filmed in what some would call “Ansel Adams” territory.  And, one last ode to mountain landscapes.

It definitely feels like summer is coming to an end.  The weather is actually cooler now (I shouldn’t say anything though because we’ll probably have an amazing Indian Summer) and it’s dark by 8:30 pm, which I find very disturbing.  No more dependence on it staying light so that I can go on later runs after work.  So as I probably won’t be making it up to the mountain too many more time this summer, I leave you with this.