7 more days…

Can you guess where this is?


Ok, so I admit that I know nothing about the 2014 Winter Olympics location.  Other than knowing that it’s in Russia, it’s a complete mystery to me.  However, after seeing this video I was very pleasantly surprised at how lush and green it looks.  I know that it looks very different at the moment and in only a week, millions will be descending on the place to watch, compete in and celebrate the winter games.  I am SO excited!

The Vancouver winter games were pretty spectacular, or so I hear.  I was in Peru on a trek through the Andes during the last winter Olympics and although I was having my own experience of a lifetime, I was still very upset that I couldn’t be with my friends in Vancouver for the games.  I guess I made up for it by being in London for the summer Olympics in 2012.

Anyway, this year I plan to make up for all that I missed in 2010.  I just really hope that we get to see most of the events – so far I’m a little skeptical of how much will make it out as there seem to be some pretty tough restrictions on how many members of the media can make it in etc, but I have high hopes for whatever makes it across the ocean.  I don’t agree with the Russian anti-gay law but I hope that we can celebrate the lifes’ work of all the athletes during this time.  Lets not take this away from them as they deserve this time in the spot light and I wish them all the best.

So tighten those bindings and strap on those goggles, because this is going to a great month of winter sports!

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