Classroom :: The Three P’s

Leo Zuckerman

I had a hard time deciding what class I would have learned some of this information from while I was still in school and decided after much debate that it fit the three Ps perfectly: Phys Ed, Philosophy and Psychology.

Saying that one video includes Phys Ed, Philosophy and Psychology probably sounds like a bit much, but if you have ever dedicated yourself to a sport, you’ll know that being and athlete is about the mental power used just as much as the physical exertion.  This is the very reason that I like this video.  It encapsulates all of the different qualities that an athlete needs to have beyond a strong body.

From a technical point of view, I love the editing in this film.  I think that for something that could become a generic ski video, and you have to admit that there are a lot out there, this one is very well put together.  It goes deeper than a series of stunts caught on camera and delves into what it really takes to become a pro skier.

And last of all, and I am very excited about this, it is almost ski season…  I’m hoping for a great snowpack.

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