Making time for ohana

It’s that time of year again when chaos descends on us all and life seems to get even more hectic than usual.  All this because its the holidays.  Even those that don’t celebrate Christmas feel the impending stress as the number of parties increase exponentially and budgets tighten.

For many, the cause of stress comes from the mandatory time spent with family.  However, Family is the reason that I love this time of year.


Since I moved out of my parents house, this is one, if not the only time of year that my family puts time aside to spend quality time together.  We are lucky that we actually enjoy spending time together- well, for the most part.  This year I am especially looking forward to it as I have seen very little of my parents in the last 12 months.

I’m not Hawaiian but I love the word Ohana.  I love that doesn’t only address those that are related to us by blood, but can mean any group of people that you feel close to.  So after spending Thanksgiving with the extended family and looking forward to the upcoming weeks I’m dedicating this month to those people that mean the world to me- even if they sometimes drive me a little nuts.

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