Rejuvenation :: Ballet & Robots

I’ve been working more on the editing side of things that last few months and so I tend to notice the camera work more than ever lately.  Some can seem kind of… well, still.  I like the kind of camera work that includes motion and unfortunately, includes using a dolly and or a jib arm or if the director is really lucky, some sort of drone with a camera attached.  Let’s be honest, all of this equipment does’t come cheap and therefore, it’s not unusual for smaller productions to forego the extras.  At least I know I’ve had to several times.

So as I was perusing new videos on my feed a while ago, I came across this one:

Da Rimini Film

One I like going to the ballet, even if that happens only once every few years and two, this had an interesting aspect of the camera moving with the dancers to add a whole new element for those in the audience.  What would it be like if we did this more often on our shoots?  Of course, this is all possible with the help of CGI and other special effects, but I mean for those of us without the millions of dollars poured into our productions.  I’m not expecting this to be used in any of my upcoming projects, but it’s an interesting thought.  It’s a completely new take on how we use the camera as a part of the story telling process.

And so that you can see what happens when the camera moves with the dancers… et voila!

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