Feet up! :: Stirred not shaken

Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers!  I’m not a huge celebrator of this holiday although perhaps I should.  I grew up overseas where the most we did was eat burgers for dinner and maybe wear some combination of red and blue.  Other than that, we really didn’t do much.  The Brits aren’t huge celebrators of the American holiday- no surprise really.

As we’re all busy and off to drink copious amounts of beer and BBQ our food with friends and family I leave you with one short video to inspire your festivities and maybe even give you something else to indulge in this 4th of July:

Claire Thomas


I love the light in this short!  My only complaint is that some of the text is hard to read – maybe a nice outline or shadow next time?  Hope this inspires some good celebratory fun and hope everyone has a safe independence day!

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