Put your feet up

How is it possible that time seems to slow in the summer?  Is it because the days are longer? Is it because the sun makes us forget about our busy schedules?  Is it because we somehow have less to do?  I’m pretty sure it’s not because we have less to do but it’s the perfect time of year to spend more time “hanging out” and a little less nose-to-the-grindstone like we do the rest of the year.

As we are at this lazy time of year…


Take some extra time to relax with friends and maybe leave the office half an hour earlier than usual.  And, in case you can’t make either of those things happen, take a quick break with what I have in store in the next few weeks.  Short and simple and hopefully a quick break from the every day slog – something to make you want to say “Cheers”!.


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