Wanderlust :: Mexico

Ok ok, so I just got back from a quick trip to Mexico for a friend’s wedding, and you would have thought that would have helped with the travel cravings.  But like I’ve said before, it only made me want to travel more.  Tough luck for me because I’m not going anywhere for a while.  Or at least its looking that way…

So to help commemorate my time away I present to you this video of Mexican food.  I warn you- it will make you hungry so try not to watch on an empty stomach:

The Perennial Plate


Don’t you just love all the colors?!

If you’re into food and especially into trying new food when you travel, make sure to check out The Perennial Plate.  They have a great catalogue of videos celebrating the diversity of good food in the world.

Meet :: The Sound Designer

Please meet this sound designer:

storm and shelter

I thought it only right to feature a sound designer today after working with so many different people in the industry over the last few months.  I don’t have as much use for an artist like this in documentary as we are supposed to be recording as we film and usually we are trying to take these kinds of noises out.  Therefore I find this story fascinating.

The best part about this film?  The editing.  Recording the sounds is one thing, but to edit it together to make these noises sound like music is a real gift.

Against the Grain :: Seven Days in 1968


I’m just going to dive right into the artistic aspects of this video.  I love it!  There aren’t many times when you find yourself entertained by old black and white stills- usually they seem flat and boring.  Not in this film!  The 3-dimentional effects and the layover of other images, such as the timeline, really make a difference.  The graphics really help too and are another aspect that I really like.

It’s a bit longer than most videos that I post but I don’t feel like its any longer than most.  It’s not an easy topic to address, especially when some could argue that we haven’t come all that far since 1968, but it was done beautifully.

Winter Olympics 2014 :: The Mountainside

I couldn’t end my Winter Olympics theme without talking about skiing and snowboarding.  I know I’ve already talked about them in the past and I promise after today I will try to keep it to a minimum… at least until next winter.  I can’t guarantee anything though.

So here you are, my mountain sports tribute- and I’ve made sure to keep the videos short this time.  Nothing too long.


vaz web TV


I LOVE the use of the clouds and natural colors of the sun reflecting off of the different surfaces as well as the the few moving shots of the rider moving down the mountain.  Considering all of the snow sports videos that I’ve seen in the past, this one is one of my favorites and actually makes me want to get on a board again.  I’m not sure if my tailbone agrees with me though.



faction skis


So I’m not much a stunt person myself as I’m not a huge fan of the dropping feeling my my stomach as I free fall but I love the movement in this video.  I feel completely mesmerized when I watch this and I’m intrigued by the song choice.  In so many videos and even when on the slopes, the music blaring from the snow park speakers has a much heavier beat.  This song gives it a completely different feel compared to the usual stunt videos.  Combine the music with the slow motion effect at certain points in the film and it gives it a calming effect.  Get me to the mountain!

Winter Olympics 2014 :: The Ice Rink


When I was little I dreamed of being a figure skater- in fact it was the only event that I liked to watch at the winter Olympics.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that my best friend skated and dreamed of going to the Olympics and I liked the sparkly costumes.  My friend  changed her life goals and didn’t go the professional athlete route but she is very talented none-the-less.

This video takes me back to watching my friend compete in competitions and how I always marveled at how effortlessly she seemed to move on the ice.  I was lucky if I could make it around the rink once without falling over.  I have only improved slightly to the point that I can actually skate forwards at a decent speed without hesitation.  But that’s about it.  Not only does this video display the grace and stamina that it takes to be a Olympic caliber skater, but I love the editing.  It makes me feel as if I’m on the ice with her.

This wasn’t the end of my ice sport ambition- at some point I got over the sparkly costumes and wanted to play hockey:

Akseli Tuomivaara

My grandfather was an avid hockey fan and I guess it rubbed off.  Hockey was another sport that I never took up and I’m guessing both of my parents were very grateful for that.  It was the fact that I was going to have to take two years of skating lessons before I could even touch a stick and I was already 14 so that kind of killed that idea – probably for the best as I was able to take up rowing instead.  In the end it was a more logical sport for me.

Having given up on the idea of playing hockey, this video makes me very excited for the hockey games this Olympics.  The movement and on ice experience takes the audience with the team as they fly up the ice and puts you in the action.  Almost as good as playing yourself- you just don’t have to worry about losing your front teeth.

So what are you favorite ice sports?  Anyone going out to learn how to skate after watching these games?

Reincarnation :: Surfs Up!

As I have just spent the last several weeks at the beach I can’t help but post this as my first video on the reincarnation of materials.

Shwood eyewear


I haven’t been on a surfboard in several years, and when I am on one it’s only because I’m floating on a board waiting for a wave.  I usually fall off if I actually catch a wave.  It’s a work in progress for me.  Maybe someday I’ll actually get to ride a wave all the way in before ending up upside down in the water.  You never know- it could happen…

Maybe if I ever get good enough I could buy a board like this.  I’ve been on a wood board once, and its a completely different feeling from the manmade material boards that I’ve been on.  Maybe its just because its made of renewable resources, but I like the idea of using driftwood.  What else can you do with all the wood that washes up on beaches?

As it’s freezing out I’ll stick to dry land for now, but maybe when the weather warms up and I’m at a beach with surfable waves, maybe I’ll try again.  Until then I’m sticking to hot tea and thinking about water sports.

Ohana :: The Bear and the Hare

The John Lewis Christmas Ad is one of the most anticipated of ads in the UK every holiday season.  It’s kind of like the much awaited window displays in the larger department stores down Regent Street.  The best part is that you can now watch these ads anywhere in the world.

John Lewis

Admittedly, John Lewis is encouraging the public to buy the greatest gifts of the season but their message is always a good one- do something special for those you love this Christmas.  We could probably take a lesson from that other times of the year too.  I think my favorite part of this video is that it doesn’t seem to matter what species the characters are- they all come together to celebrate.  And of course don’t forget that they do what they can to include those who wouldn’t usually be able to be there.

I couldn’t help but post this as well- the making of The Bear and the Hare.  I am always in awe of animation production, but this takes it a whole new level.


So there you are, two videos in one post and hopefully they made you smile even during this stressful time of year.

Ohana :: Inheritance

Process Creative

What do we inherit from generation to generation?  Of course there are the material items that we pass on, but what values and lessons do we pass on?

I love this film because it’s not just about the items that we pass on to one another, but how we pass on morals and advice to one anther through many modes of communication.  I also love it because it is beautifully filmed and I think the music brings it to another level of nostalgia.

What are we passing on to the next generation?