Around the Corner?

I’m sure that most of the Northern Hemisphere is ready for Spring to arrive – especially those living in places that have had extremely cold and snowy weather that started last Autumn.  I have a friend in Boston who has given up on finding her car for now.  She knows that it’s under a snow bank, but there isn’t much good digging it out because the next time the snow ploughs come by, it will be wedged in by a new snow bank.  Yuck!  Even those of us with extremely mild winters are ready for Spring to arrive (in full).  The PNW has had plenty of blooming plants for a while now but leaves on the trees would also be nice.

So to encourage that spring foliage to blossom out, here is a little something to entice you:



Short and sweet, this has spring written all over it.  You might still have to wear a coat when out of doors, but the sun is shining and everything is coming to life.

Hang in there.  Spring is almost here!

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