Of all the films that I’ve seen this year, this is my favorite so far:


I liked it so much, that I saw it twice!  It’s funny, it’s original and it just makes me happy about life.  Between the colors and the music, it’s a sensory feast- not to mention the amazing looking food.  I’m still looking for a good Cubano since seeing this film.

I think what I like most though is the witty dialogue and the twitter graphics that tie together the spoken word and the cyberspace messages.  It eliminates the awkward cutting back and forth between the actor and the computer screen to give the emotional performance and the tweets simultaneously screen time.  It makes the film flow instead of separating the character from their tweets, reminding us that what we post is a representation of who we are and that our web presence is an ever growing part of how others perceive us.  The film also reflects on how dependent we are on social media to make our businesses thrive in today’s markets.  The film has a wonderful combination of the various elements needed in a good film and it blends them all so seamlessly.

I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

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