Food + Friends + Nature :: Nature

As a freelance filmmaker, you never know where you’ll be working next.  Exciting, yes.  It also causes a lot of stress because you never know where your next paycheck will be coming from.

Enter, the side job. Now the trick with the side job is finding one that is flexible so that you can work on your projects and also pays well.  It’s not the easiest thing to accomplish as any artist can tell you.  So for this summer, I’m working as a gardener for a family friend.  I’ve actually did this when I was in college to make money during the summer and to be honest, its still one of my favorite summer jobs because I get to be outside a lot.  Ask me in a few months how I feel about it and I’ll probably tell you that I’m sick of it because I will have weeded the same flowerbed 100 times and the weeds are still prevailing. In any case, it’s still not a bad gig.

I found this video a few months ago but haven’t had the chance to share it with you.  It reminded me of pruning bushes last week, although what I do is very tame compared to this.  It also reminded me of working on my last project as we were filming up in the mountains and some of our team spent a lot of time moving wood around the property getting ready for our very large bonfire.

Juliet Zulu

I like the play of light in this even though it has a very limited color palet.  It’s hard to make green interesting, but Juliet’s combination of light and texture of the trees make it visually interesting.  Another plus- it’s short and to the point.  Just enough to grab your attention while giving you the information you crave.

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