Wanderlust :: Aloha

Makai Creative

Be honest.  When you hear the word Hawai’i doesn’t your heart begin to flutter and the idea of going to the islands in the middle of the Pacific intrigue you just a little- even to the point of distraction?  Well it does for me.  When I’ve had it with things at home, Hawaii is usually one of the first places that I think of escaping to.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about the small chain of islands but it always sounds heavenly.  I’ve been once.  For four days.  Yes, all that way for four days and I loved it!  Someday I hope to go back for a lot longer than an extended weekend and hope to visit more than just the island of Oahu.  It is a beautiful place but I would love to see all of the other terrains.

Perhaps this video isn’t what we all expect of the Pacific island but it just shows the diversity of whats sitting there in the middle of the ocean.

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