Harvest :: Teaching for the Future

Plus M Productions

I’m getting on my digital soapbox again.  Well sort of.  Just by posting this I feel like I’m on my soapbox and that’s really not my intention.  I just feel inspired by this video.

I am constantly surprised at how people that I would consider to be highly educated- doctors included, seem to know so little about food, nutrition and what our bodies really need us to put in to let us live our best.  I wouldn’t consider myself knowing all that much about the topic, but just by talking to some people I realize that I know more than many of my associates.

I like this film because it’s addressing the issue that people are unaware of how their food is grown and why its important for themselves and for their community.  I love that it goes beyond the biology of it all and concentrates on historical and social preservation as well.

Stepping off of soapbox now…

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