Harvest :: Geometric Cake

What is a geometric cake you may ask? Well let me show you, or rather, let pastry chef Caitlin Freeman show you:

Clay McLachlan

Food isn’t only about nourishing our bodies and concerning ourselves with where our food has come from and how processed it is.  Its also about what we do with the ingredients and what it looks like when we’re done with our creations.

I admit that I like to bake, but this cake design completely daunts me.  My layer cakes never come out quite like they do in the picture but they usually taste ok.  I won’t go into my mom’s birthday cupcakes from a couple years ago- let’s just say that mini cupcakes were good in theory….

I digress from the video.  It’s colorful and fun and it makes a very daunting cake design look a little bit easier.  Anyone care to try?

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