Culture :: Return of the Sun

Now that the weather has finally gotten warm, verging on hot for the Pacific Northwest, take a mental cool off:

Glen Milner

I’ve never lived in a place with extreme living conditions.  I can’t imagine living in the dark for half the year and bright sunshine the other half.  Nor can I imagine living in a place that is perpetually cold, except for those few months in the summer where the snow finally melts away.

On the other hand, these people are used to these harsh conditions, and the changes occurring due to global warming are changing their culture.  No longer are they able to live as their ancestors have- something that seems to be prevalent across the planet as we use more technology and interact in different ways.  But with these changes comes a silver lining- we have opened the world to everyone and not just the few wealthy people who can afford to travel.

But what are we losing by changing our cultures and merging into one?

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