If I could be anywhere, I would be…

If I could be anywhere right now, I think I would choose to be here

or here

or here

or here

But instead I’m at home.  I can’t really complain because I really do like where I live, but sometimes you just want to get away and explore a new culture and place.  More to the point I’m looking for sun.  I never really got summer last year and the PNW isn’t known for it’s warm or sunny winters, so I haven’t really seen the sun in a while- except the amazing weather we had a few weeks ago.  I am more than ready to soak up some rays and feel warm again.

In the past I’ve traveled several times a year so being in one place for more than a few months is driving me nuts.  I just need to buck up and enjoy where I am for the moment- it’s something I’m working on but it isn’t easy when you’re used to being constantly on the move.

So to help with my “itchy feet” syndrome, I’ve been enjoying various travel videos, all of which I want to share with you.  Some are of places that I have been to and loved, and some are of places that I hope to someday visit.

Off to pack my virtual backpack.

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