Handmade :: Cobble me a shoe

by cineastas

I don’t know if I’ve ever really thought about the design and craft that goes into the shoes that I wear- probably because I’ve never contemplated making shoes myself. Admittedly, I noticed the vents in new pair of running shoes a few years back.  These shoes kept me nice and cool, but they also let in a lot of water.  Not so good in a rainy climate.  But over all, I never really thought about the design.

So besides the fact that I got a sense of how shoes are made, there are two things that I really like about this film:

  1. I love the different textures that the camera captured.  Often image can seem flat when we try to capture the little details of an object, but this film is full of texture.
  2. I think the sound editing was executed perfectly.  It really enhances the image and the text on the screen and that is always a plus in my book.

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