Award Season :: Cherry Blossoms

Did you see the Oscars this last Sunday?  I haven’t been this excited about the ceremonies in a long time- I actually saw most of the films this year.  I was thrilled to see “Searching for Sugar Man” won this year’s feature documentary category, although any of the nominated films deserved to win.  I’m always torn between the selected films.  Congratulations to all!

Now for my final post for February and with the theme off “Award Season”:

Dir. Lucy Walker

Another film that you have probably heard about as it has screened all over the world in the last year.  The Tsunami and the Cherry blossom brought a tear to my eye when I saw it a year ago.  It reminded me of how fortunate I am to have never had to endure a natural disaster or had to watch loved ones being swept away, completely helpless.  I hope I never have to.  It also reminded me that there is always hope and regeneration, even after complete devastation.  Nature endures.  I thought this was a beautiful tribute the strength of the Japanese people… to anyone who has survived a disaster.

One thought on “Award Season :: Cherry Blossoms

  1. Lee Carlisle says:

    You have inspired me to see Tsunami and the Cherry blossom and reminded me how much I need documentaries in my life. I too loved Sugarman. I would also suggest Turtles Can Fly though it is tragic as it shows how war effects children yet in the midst of all the trauma there is resilience as well.

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