Art Meditations :: While You Were Steeping

How long does it take to steep a cup of tea? It depends on the type that you are brewing, but usually just a couple of minutes. What can you get done while a cup is brewing?

Well, in my case I could probably get a lot done if I put my mind to it. I usually just leave the bag in and begin drinking the tea once it has cooled enough not to burn my mouth. I know, not the way that one is supposed to make a proper cuppa, but I’ve gotten used to drinking it on the stronger side. Mostly out of sheer laziness.

For me, tea is part of every hour of the day. When the weather is cold I tend to drink it from the moment that I get up to the moment that I go to bed. When it’s warm out (like it is now) I drink it iced. I’m trying to make it more ritualistic in that I’m trying to drink it more as a way to take a time-out from work but it’s hard to break the habit.

Now for those who actually brew their tea properly and remove the tea bag/ball/infuser etc. at the appropriate time, here’s a little inspiration on how to use the steeping time:


Bigalow Website Team

What’s not to love about this shot little video?  I love the length and that it’s about tea, but more of all I love the camera movements.  Notice how the camera rotates in the opposite direction to the paint brush and other times, it follows closely behind it others?  I love that.  It is completely mesmerizing.  Plus, I love the light shining off of the ink and that there is always movement on the screen even if it is the scene divided into smaller blocks.

I can’t imagine how many times that particular drawing was created that day just to capture all of the different angles and brush motions, but I think it was well worth it.

Cuppa anyone?

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