Ohana :: Holiday Workshop


Growing up, my mom always had us make all of our Christmas gifts for family and friends.  One year it was a watercolor painting for each person, another year it was homemade trail mix.  I think she did this for two reason- 1) it kept us busy during the school break and 2) most people on our list didn’t need yet more things, so making them something was both economical and original.  To this day I still enjoy making gifts for people.  The number that I make has decreased over the years but that allows me to put more time and thought into each individual project.

I like the idea of putting in time and effort into a gift- I feel that it has a lot more meaning when I receive homemade gifts and I hope that others feel the same.  This video reminds me of my own childhood and that special time around the holidays.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah (I know has already passed), Kwanza or just enjoy the season I hope the next few weeks bring you joy and happiness.

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