Originality :: Life & Death

“The Boundaries which divide life from death

Are at best shadowy and vague.

Who Shall say where the one ends,

And where the other begins?”

Edgar Allan Poe

Saskia Kretzschmann

The topics of death seems to be a theme this time of year. The garden annuals are dying away, the days are getting darker and we celebrate holidays surrounding death- All-Hallows-Eve, Dia de los Muertos… you get the idea.

So did Edgar Allen Poe.  Perhaps this is not the most morbid interpretation of some of Poe’s work (because as anyone that knows anything about Poe, knows he wasn’t the most uplifting poet) yet I think this conveys this time of year perfectly.

Despite the depressing quality of his work, Poe seems to have described the gray line that separates us from life and death.  Though many have tried, there is no way of really knowing what separates us from the other side and what happens after we take our last breaths.  At the very least this short animation makes the grayness seem a little less daunting and actually makes it seem beautiful.

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