Originality :: Chalk Drawings

SnowGlobe Studios

When I think of chalkboards, I think of screeching noises and sneezing.  Just thinking about the screeching noise makes my teeth hurt, but seeing these drawings dulls the feeling.  I love the contrast of light and dark in this film and the editing beautifully done.

I like to think of this chalkboard art kind of like camera work.  We don’t realize how physical art can be, especially in the creation stage.  Here, Peter Han uses his whole body to create his artwork- cameramen do the same.  They have to use their whole body to get some of the shots that they get.

When I was in film school last year, we had an instructor who had us move around and do a combination of yoga, breathing exercises and martial arts.  On camera, every movement counts including every breath and heartbeat.  By having us practice these movements, we became more aware of our bodies and how our movements translated to the big screen.  This is exactly what Peter is trying to teach to his students.

Sometimes by using your whole body, you can make something even more impact on your audience.

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