Handmade :: Paper Cuts



Despite the fact that most of my work is digitally created on a computer, I still love paper and paint and pencils etc.  When I was growing up, I spent hours in art classes learning how to make all sorts of useless items but I thought were very exciting.

I no longer have as much time with physical tools as I would like, which is probably why I enjoy Handmade Portraits: Rob Ryan.  The one time that I made something similar to Mr. Ryan’s work (aka cutting out shapes on a page to create the picture) I ended up tearing most of the page and gave up.  Obvioulsy I wasn’t patient enough, but maybe now I could make it through a whole sheet.

On a deeper level, I like that there are stories within stories in each piece that he creates.  Behind every piece of art is a great story but we don’t always see that as plainly as you can here.

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