Spring Colors

I know that I’m drifting pretty far from my theme of “Runoff” with this post (pardon the pun), but I want to acknowledge the change in season that we are experiencing here in the PNW.  This last weekend was absolutely gorgeous- bright sunshine and warmish temperatures that remind us that winter won’t last forever.  Phew!

Spring is finally poking its head through the clouds and the chill in the air is slowly thawing.  With this comes all of the spring flowers:


I love tulips- can you tell?  I love their colors, the various textures  and heights that they bring to spring gardens.  Admittedly they tend to wilt after a few days in a kitchen vase, but I love the few days where they stand up straight and brighten a dreary room still lit by cloud filtered light.

One of my favorite places to find these cut flowers is Pike Place Market.  This time of year the flower stalls are flooded with tulips in every color imaginable and is where I took this picture.  It probably seems very girly to take pictures of flowers in a market when there are so many other things to take pictures of but 1) I am a girl and 2) there is so much there than girly petals.  There are multiple aspects to consider including light, angle, framing etc. etc. etc.  The usual aspects all photographers must consider.  What I love most though is the abundance of color found in one place.  As partial as I can be to black and white or sepia prints, there is nothing like a shot bursting with color.

Now… back to the theme of “Runoff”.  Tune in on Tuesday…

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