Adding text

This quote comes from a film that people either love or hate… and most people seem hate it. I find this quote inspiring, and I try to remember it when I’m working on my projects.

“But for me it is about finding out something about a place and something about yourself.  And when you get off the beaten track, that’s where you find what there is to find.”     – Richard in “The Beach” (2000)

When you edit your own video projects, you have to be able to design your own graphics.  Text can be a great way to get information across and I definitely use it, but I like the text to enhance the image on the screen.  I have to consider the typeface, the placement within the image and what kind of special effects I may need to enhance the look of the text.

I’ve been playing around with different effects:

My attempt at stamped metal...

My attempt at stamped metal…

I probably won’t have the need for this effect in the foreseeable future.  I suppose it depends on what I decide to tackle next.

quote 1.2

A more typical design for video

Ok, so you’ve probably seen this kind of thing before- hopefully with some more depth of field to draw the eye in.  When I put these together, I made these for print.  For video, it would probably have some sort of animation involved.  That’s for another time.

I wouldn’t call these works of art, and I would probably spend more time on these if they were made for the silver screen.  Plus, they would move and play with the light – if I’m lucky.  But for now, I’m figuring out what else I can do- you never know when these skills could come in handy.

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