And… Action!

I suppose ‘action’ isn’t a word that you commonly hear when making a documentary, but I do more than just documentary.  I have been known to create brand films, photograph for billboards and work on PR campaigns.

I took a few high school film classes and a college study abroad class where we had to make a video diary.  Next thing I knew, I was recruited into a freelance group at my university and promptly put on the video team (even though I interviewed for a PR position) and here I am today.

It’s not really the technology that fascinates me, although it is an important part of video production today. It’s the research of topics that I never thought I would get to study and the people that I get to meet.  Plus, I get to be creative and make something that I hope will make a difference to someone.

At the moment, I’m finishing up my latest film, ‘Out of Print’, a film about the way that the Internet is changing the way that we access the written word.  As someone who loves stories, books are of course a great love of mine.  This has been a great change of pace for me from my last few large projects- there were no prisons, construction sites or security clearances to worry about.  I’ve really enjoyed spending time researching something fun, as we witness one of the biggest changes in publishing since Gutenberg’s printing press.

What’s next, who knows.  Stay tuned for screening dates!

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