Originality :: Flying Clouds

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/72004730 w=640&h=360]

Sean Michael Williams

Another ode to Andsel Adams- at least filmed in what some would call “Ansel Adams” territory.  And, one last ode to mountain landscapes.

It definitely feels like summer is coming to an end.  The weather is actually cooler now (I shouldn’t say anything though because we’ll probably have an amazing Indian Summer) and it’s dark by 8:30 pm, which I find very disturbing.  No more dependence on it staying light so that I can go on later runs after work.  So as I probably won’t be making it up to the mountain too many more time this summer, I leave you with this.

Landscape :: Ansel Adams-esque

Glen Ryan

I’ve always been a big fan of Ansel Adams- he’s probably one of the reasons that I really like black and white photography.  This video reminded me of some of his work, especially the light play between the clouds, sky and landscape.  Perhaps I wouldn’t feel quite this way if it were in color but I even so, I enjoyed it.